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Program Summer Term 2018:

Superstar Economists: Coauthorship networks and research output Wednesday, 04/18/2018, 16.00 s.t. Michael König
University of Zurich
Kernel-based short-term forecasting of trending seasonal time series Wednesday, 05/02/2018, 16.00 s.t. Joachim Schnurbus
(Vertretungsprofessur Institut für Statistik, LMU)
Parameter estimation from coarse data: on different theoretical assumptions and their practical implications Monday, 05/07/2018, 14.00 s.t. Inés Couso
Universidad de Oviedo
Sequential detection of structural changes in irregularly observed data Wednesday, 05/09/2018, 17.20 s.t. Tobias Kley
HU Berlin
Forecasting infectious disease epidemics via weighted density ensembles Monday, 05/14/2018, 16.00 s.t. Nicholas Reich
Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
Tree-Based Conditional Portfolio Sorts: The Relation Between Past and Future Stock Returns Wednesday, 05/23/2018, 16.00 s.t. Benjamin MoritzInstitut für Statistik, LMU
Surveys, "Big Data", and Machine Learning: Bringing Methods together to Solve Difficult Problems at Scale Wednesday, 06/13/2018, 17.00 s.t. Curtiss Cobb
Survey Scientist and Manager, Demography and Survey Science Group, Facebook
A Multilayer ERGM framework for weighted networks Friday, 06/22/2018, 16.00 s.t. Alberto Caimo
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Statistical Inference for Discretely Observed Markov Processes, With Application to Credit Rating Transitions Wednesday, 07/11/2018, 16.00 s.t. Marius Pfeuffer
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Program Winter Term 17/18:

Statistische Modelle bei der Analyse von sensorischen Daten am Beispiel Ebergeruch 09/21/2017, 16.00 s.t. Jan Gertheiss
(ITechnische Universität Clausthal)
Reproducibility of Statistical Tests 11/07/2017, 10.15 Frank Coolen
(Durham University)
The Deep Forest and its Modifications
11/08/2017, 10.15 (Alte Bibliothek) Lev Utkin
(Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University)
Adaptive Smoothing with an Application to Nonlinear Panel Data and the Incidental Parameter Problem 11/08/2017, 16.00 s.t. Martin Spindler
(Universität Hamburg)
Kontrollkarten zur Detektion abrupter Änderungen in Signalen mit zeitabhängigem Trend 12/06/2017, 16.00 s.t. Sermad Abbas
(TU Dortmund)
Antrittsvorlesung 01/10/2018, 16.00 s.t.
(Professor-Huber-Platz 2, V005)
Moritz Grosse-Wentrup
(LMU Munich)
Die Statistik(abteilung) der Bundesagentur für Arbeit: Das unbekannte Wesen? 01/15/2018, 10.15 (Seminarraum) Rainer Hahn
(Stellvertretender Leiter der Statistik der Bundesagentur für Arbeit)
Model-Based Recursive Partitioning for Stratified and Personalised Medicine 01/17/2018, 16.00 s.t. Heidi Seibold
(Universität Zürich)
Gaussian Process Emulation of Computer Models with Massive Output 01/31/2018, 16.00 s.t. Jim Berger
Duke University, USA
Cost Risk Analysis: Dynamically Consistent Decision-Making under Climate Targets 02/19/2018, 16.30 s.t. Hermann Held
Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, Uni Hamburg und vom Postdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung

Program Summer Term 2017:

The R package "hmi" - a convenient tool for imputing missing values in hierarchical datasets 04/19/2017, 16.00 s.t. Matthias Speidel
(Institute for Employment Research, Nuremberg)
An introduction to boosting distributional regression 05/10/2017, 16.30 s.t. Andreas Mayr
(Vetretungsprofessur Institut für Statistik, LMU)
Joint Modelling of Longitundinal and Time-to-Event Data - From classical approaches to machine learning 31.05.2017, 16.00 s.t. Elisabeth Waldmann
(Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Robust Bayesian Analysis of Linear Static Panel Data Models Using Epsilon-contamination 06/28/2017, 16.00 s.t. Anoop Chaturvedi
(University of Allahabad, India)

Program Winter Term 16/17:

Fusion Learning: Fusing Inferences from Multiple Sources for More Powerful Findings (84 KByte) 11/23/2016, 16.00 s.t. Regina Liu,
Rutgers University (NJ, USA)
Selective Inference with Application to L2-Boosting (108 KByte) 11/30/2016, 16.30 s.t. David Rügamer,
LMU München
Understanding Biological Processes using Stochastic Modelling: Gaining Information from Uncertainty (83 KByte) 12/07/2016, 16.00 s.t. Christiane Fuchs,
LMU München
Assessing and Explaining Strategic Voting with Survey Data: A Finite Mixture Discrete Choice Model  (85 Kbyte) 12/21/2016, 16.00 s.t. Martin Elff,
Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen
(Bayesian) Regression for Big Data using Random Projections 01/11/2017, 16.00 s.t. Katja Ickstadt/Leo Geppert,
TU Dortmund
Step-Stress Models 01/18/2017, 16.00 s.t. Maria Kateri,
RWTH Aachen
Surfaces, shapes and anatomy  01/25/2017, 16.00 s.t. Adrian Bowman
University of Glasgow
Selection of Effects in Cox Frailty Models by Regularization Methods  02/01/2017, 17.15
S006 Schellingstr. 3 
Andreas Groll
Universität Göttingen

Program Summer Term 2017:

Habilitation Antrittsvortrag zum Thema
A General Framework for Regression with Functional Data, with Applications
04/20/2016, 17.00 Uhr s.t. Fabian Scheipl
(Institut für Statistik)
Statistical methods for the meta-analysis of full ROC curves  05/04/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Oliver Kuß
(Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf)
Consistent Estimation of Curved Exponential-Family Random Graph Models with Local Dependence and Growing Neighborhoods  05/18/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Michael Schweinberger,
Rice University (USA)
Structural Equation Modeling with Onyx  05/25/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Timo von Oertzen,
(Universität der Bundeswehr München)
A new method for estimating spectral clustering change points for multivariate time series  06/08/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Ivor Cribben
(University of Alberta)
Who’s the Favorite? - A Bivariate Poisson Model for the UEFA European Football Championship 2016  06/15/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Andreas Groll und Gunther Schauberger
Robust and nonparametric detection of change-points in time series using U-statistics and U-quantiles  06/29/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Roland Fried
(TU Dortmund)
Evading the curse of dimensionality in nonparametric density estimation with simplified vine copulas  07/06/2016, 17.00 Uhr s.t. Thomas Nagler,
What’s the evidence? On P-values and Bayes factors  07/20/2016, 16.00 Uhr s.t. Leonhard Held,
University of Zurich (Schweiz)