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Colloquium of the Department

Organization: Helmut KüchenhoffSimon Wiegrebe, Johannes Piller

The colloquium regularly takes place Wednesdays at 16.00 c.t. at the seminar room of the Department of Statistics (Ludwigstraße 33, room 144). The talks can also be attended online via Zoom (Meeting-ID: 683 0699 4223; Password: StatsCol23; Link:

The colloquium presents and discusses current topics in statistics through lectures of professors or guests. Furthermore, theses of students and PhD candidates are presented.

Interested persons, especially students of statistics, are cordially invited to come.

tbd Donnerstag, 25.04.2024 14.15 Susanne Breitner Helmholtz Munich
tbd Wednesday, 08.05.2024,
Sarah Friedrich
University of Augsburg
tbd Wednesday, 15.05.2024,
Richard Samworth
Cambridge University
tbd Wednesday, 29.05.2024,
Merle Behr
University of Regensburg
Explainable Methods for Reinforcement Learning Monday, 03.06.2024, 16.15 Jasmina Gajcin
Trinity College Dublin
tbd Wednesday, 05.06.2024,
16.15 (Department of Sociology, room 309)
Cristobal Young
Cornell University
tbd Mittwoch, 26.06.2024, 16.15 Jörg Drechsler LMU
tbd Wednesday, 03.07.2024,
Jan Beyersmann
University of Ulm