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Colloquium of the Department

Organization: Helmut KüchenhoffSimon Wiegrebe, Johannes Piller

The colloquium regularly takes place wednesdays at 16.00 c.t. at the seminar room of the Department of Statistics (Ludwigstraße 33, room 144). The talks can also be attended online via Zoom (Meeting-ID: 683 0699 4223; Password: StatsCol23; Link:

The colloquium presents and discusses current topics in statistics through lectures of professors or guests. Furthermore, theses of students and PhD candidates are presented.

Interested persons, especially students of statistics, are cordially invited to come.

Program Winter Term 23/24:

Variational Inference for Cutting Feedback in Misspecified Models Friday, 11/03/2023,
13.00 c.t.
Michael Smith
Melbourne Business School
Active learning-assisted neutron spectroscopy with log-Gaussian processes Wednesday, 11/08/2023,
16.00 c.t.
Mario Teixeira Parente
Department of Statistics, LMU
Finite-sample exact prediction bands for functional data Monday, 11/20/2023,
15.00 s.t.
Simone Vantini
Polytechnic University of Milan
The power of prediction Monday, 11/27/2023,
4.15 pm
Moritz Hardt
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen
AutoML for tabular datasets and tabular datasets for AutoML Wednesday, 12/06/2023,
4.15 pm
Matthias Feurer
Department of Statistics, LMU
In Search of Alignment between Social Media Posts and Survey Responses Thursday, 12/14/2023,
4.15 pm
Frederick Conrad
Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science
From Couch to Poll: Media Content and the
Value of Local Information
Wednesday, 01/10/2024, 4.15 pm Mathias Bühler
Department of Statistics, LMU
Large-scale pretraining: the nitty-gritty details New date: Wednesday, 02/21/2024, 2.15 pm Robert Baldock,
Aleph Alpha
Use Case for Bayesian Deep Learning in the Age of ChatGPT Wednesday, 02/28/2024,
4.15 pm
Vincent Fortuin,
Helmholtz AI