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Colloquium of the Department

Organization: Helmut Küchenhoff, Maximilian Weigert

The colloquium regularly takes place wednesdays at 16.00 c.t.. Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, it will be held online via Zoom (Meeting-ID: 913-2473-4411; Password: StatsCol20) in winter term 2020/21.

The colloquium presents and discusses current topics in statistics through lectures of professors or guests. Furthermore, theses of students and PhD candidates are presented.

Interested persons, especially students of statistics, are cordially invited to come.

Program Winter Term 20/21:

Multiaccurate Predictors Under Distributional Shifts Wednesday, 11/18/2020,
16.00 c.t.
Christoph Kern
Department of Statistics, LMU
tba Wednesday, 12/09/2020,
16.00 c.t.
Niki Kilbertus
HelmholtzAI, Munich
tba Wednesday, 12/16/2020,
16.00 c.t.
Robert Czudaj
Deparment of Statistics, LMU
tba Wednesday, 01/13/2021,
16.00 c.t.
Timo Schmid
Free University of Berlin