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Colloquium of the Department

Organization: Helmut Küchenhoff, Maximilian Weigert

As a general rule the colloquium takes place wednesdays at 16:00 s.t. in the seminar room of the department, first floor, at Ludwigstraße 33.

The colloquium presents and discusses current topics in Statistics through lectures of professors or guests. Furthermore, theses of students and PhD candidates are presented.

Interested persons, especially students of statistics, are cordially invited to come.

Program Winter Term 19/20:

Regression and graphical model learning for compositional data - with applications to microbiome data Wednesday, 11/06/2019,   
16.00 s.t.
Christian Müller
Department of Statistics, LMU
tba Wednesday, 11/20/2019,
16.00 s.t.
Florian Dumpert        
Federal Statistical Office                          
tba Wednesday, 11/27/2019,
16.00 s.t.
Katrin Madjar
Department of Statistics, LMU
tba Wednesday, 12/04/2019,
16.00 s.t.
Benjamin Säfken
Department of Statistics, LMU
tba Wednesday, 12/18/2019,
16.00 s.t.
Mathias Drton
Technical University of Munich
Bringing Research Design Back In Wednesday, 01/08/2020,
16.00 s.t.
(Konradstr. 6, Room 309)
Ulrich Kohler
University of Potsdam