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Colloquium of the Department

Organization: Helmut Küchenhoff, Maximilian Weigert

The colloquium regularly takes place wednesdays at 16.00 c.t. at the seminar room of the Department of Statistics (Ludwigstraße 33, room 144). The talks can also be attended online via Zoom (Meeting-ID: 913-2473-4411; Password: StatsCol22; Link:

Please keep in mind the current COVID-19 regulations at LMU if you plan to attend in-person.

The colloquium presents and discusses current topics in statistics through lectures of professors or guests. Furthermore, theses of students and PhD candidates are presented.

Interested persons, especially students of statistics, are cordially invited to come.

Program Summer Term 2022:

Instrumental Variable Approaches To Individualized Treatment Regimes Under A Counterfactual World Tuesday, 05/03/2022,
14.00 c.t.
Yifan Cui
National University of Singapore
Detecting parameter heterogeneity in psychometric models by means of model-based recursive partitioning with psychotree, stablelearner & co. Wednesday, 05/04/2022,
17.30 s.t.                                                        
Carolin Strobl
University of Zurich
Surprises in topic model estimation and new Wasserstein document-distance calculations Wednesday, 05/11/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Florentina Bunea
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Data 4 Policy: Towards a Data Culture Wednesday, 05/18/2022,
16.00 c.t.     
(Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1, B 201)

Meeting-ID: 942-6899-3687
Password: 630870
Walter J. Radermacher
Department of Statistics, LMU
tba                                                                                                                                                                                Wednesday, 06/01/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Working group presentation:
Chair of Applied Statistics in Social Sciences, Economics and Business
(Göran Kauermann)
On the Difficulty of Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification in Machine Learning: The Case of Direct Uncertainty Estimation through Loss Minimization Wednesday, 06/08/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Viktor Bengs
Department of Statistics, LMU
Does Rising Inequality Reduce Social Cohesion? New Results Using Hybrid Multilevel Regression Models and Four Decades of Repeated Surveys in 32 Countries Wednesday, 06/15/2022,
16.00 c.t.
(Konradstr. 6, Room 309)

Markus Gangl
Goethe University Frankfurt
tba Thursday, 06/23/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Thomas Hotz
Technische Universität Ilmenau
tba Wednesday, 06/29/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Maria Eduarda Silva
University of Porto
tba Wednesday, 07/06/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Michael Schomaker
Department of Statistics, LMU
Combining experimental and population data to estimate population treatment effects Wednesday, 07/13/2022,
16.00 s.t. (online only)
Elizabeth Stuart
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health, Baltimore                                 
tba Wednesday, 07/20/2022,
16.00 c.t.
Thomas Nagler
Department of Statistics, LMU