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Exam registration

Course registration and exam registration for the Bachelor, Master and Minor Statistics and Data Science is done via LSF. Please note that course registration and exam registration are two different processes.

Registration is mandatory for all exams at the Department of Statistics. Pay attention to the respective registration deadlines. Depending on the examination regulations, registration is done in two different ways:

Examination registration via the module tree

for students in

  • Statistics and Data Science in the examination regulations 2021 (Master, Bachelor, minor) as well as
  • study programs where this option is common (e.g. VWL, Sociology)

Exam registration via the course catalog

only if registration via the module tree is not possible. Especially for students in

  • Statistik Examination Regulations 2010 (Bachelor, Master incl. Biostatistics and Statistics WiSo) or 2007/08 (minor subject),
  • ESG Data Science,
  • Students in Bachelor Statistics who are already taking Master exams,
  • Informatics (plus Statistics, with application subject, Bioinformatics),
  • Erasmus and other exchange students

Students who are not enrolled at LMU (e.g. TUM), please contact the lecturer by mail.

Registration for exams via the module tree

  • Registration is done in the LSF via "Register for exams" (menu on the left).
  • Select the module, the course and the date of the exam you want to take. You can only take one exam per module per semester. You can take each exam for one module.
  • Re-take exams held just before the start of the following semester are part of the the new semester (e.g., October re-take exams are part the winter semester).
  • The exam date may be blank or "Not specified yet". The lecturers will provide the exact date and time.
  • The "List of exams registered for" (menu on the left) contatins all exams for which you are registered.
  • Registration and deregistration is possible until the end of the announced deadline. To deregister, navigate again to the corresponding module via "Register for exams" and click "Prüfungsanmeldung stornieren".

Exam registration via the course catalogue

  • This shall only be used if you cannot register via the module tree.
  • In the course catalog find the subitem "Klausuren" under "Statistik".
  • For all exams with registration open, you can click on "register/cancel". Click on "register" to register for the exam.
  • Deregister again by clicking on "register/cancel". Check the square at "Cancel registration" and click the button "Cancel registration" at the bottom.
  • Registration is only possible for exams that have a date entered in the LSF.
  • In "Schedules" (menu on the left) you will find all exams for which you are registered via the course catalog. Make sure that you are in the correct semester!
  • Exams that are not listed in your examinations regulations must be credited later using this form.