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Student projects

Practical courses during the studies

Already beginning in the "Anfängerpraktikum" (typically during third semester of Bachelor) students work
on real-world problems and train their interdisciplinary communication skills being in close dialogue with
project partners. This combination of statistical analysis and consulting is further continued in the
"Statistisches Praktikum" (fifth semester of Bachelor) and the "Statistisches Consulting" (during the master studies).
Here, students work on more challenging projects applying their knowledge about advanced statistical methods.

The projects come from various cooperations of the Statistics Department, e.g. with the Helmholtz Zentrum München,
the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, the IFO Institute for Economic Research, other departments of LMU Munich as
well as cooperations with external companies.

Working as a statistician - already during the studies

Many students in advanced semesters use the possibility to apply and extend their gained statistical knowledge in
side jobs. The work fields cover a broad range from the Statistical Consulting Unit StaBLab at the Statistics Department to working as a student assistant for other research institutes to working in companies like insurances and banks.