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Doctoral Candidates

Surname, First name Supervision Topic
Ali, Mehboob Prof. Dr. Christian Heumann, Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Multiple Imputation in combination with sampling strategies

Assenmacher, Matthias Prof. Dr. Christian Heumann
Au, Quay Prof. Dr. Bischl
Bauer, Alexander Prof. Dr. Küchenhoff
Bauer (geb. Maier), Verena Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Analysis of network data

Bender, Andreas Prof. Dr. Küchenhoff
Berninger, Christoph Prof. Mittnik, PhD


Casalicchio, Giuseppe Prof. Dr. Küchenhoff

Regularisation methods in latent trait models

Endres, Eva Prof. Dr. Augustin

Statistical analysis under complex uncertainty

Faisal, Shahla Prof. Dr. Tutz

Missing values

Fink, Paul Prof. Dr. Augustin

Classification and inference under complex uncertainty

Fuchs, Karen Prof. Dr. Tutz

Funktionale Daten bei Biomonitoring

Groll, Christian Prof. Mittnik, PhD

Risk management in high-dimensional portfolio applications

Guangpeng, Sun Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Analysis of network data

Heller, Elizabeth Prof. Mittnik, PhD

Dynamic yield curve modeling

Jansen, Christoph Prof. Dr. Augustin

Decision making under complex uncertainty

Kevork, Sevag Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Uncertainty quantification with functional data

Kurz, Malte S. Prof. Mittnik, PhD

Advances in financial econometrics

Lebacher, Michael Prof. Dr. Kauermann

International Trade of Arms: A Network Approach

Maqsood, Ali
Maurer, Ingrid Prof. Dr. Thurner

The comparative analysis of issue Voting using discrete choice models

Molnar, Christoph Prof. Dr. Bischl

Interpretable Machine Learning

Omar, Aziz Prof. Dr. Augustin


Plaß, Julia Prof. Dr. Augustin

Statistische Modellierung in komplexen Datensituationen

Port, Henry Prof. Mittnik, PhD


Razzak, Humera
Rügamer, David Prof. Dr. Greven
Schachmatov, Katharina
Schneider, Micha Prof. Dr. Tutz

Modellierung mit diskreten Mischstrukturen

Schöning, Norbert Prof. Dr. Küchenhoff

Issue framing - causes of effects and effect of causes

Schwaferts, Patrick
Shao, Shuai Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Statistical modelling of willingness to pay for ancillary services (in the airline industry)

Sischka, Benjamin Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Graphon Estimation / Analysis of Bike-Sharing Networks

Steyer, Lisa
Stöcker, Almond Prof. Dr. Greven
Striegel, Christoph Prof. Dr. Kauermann

Uncertainty quantification with functional data

Sun, Xudong Prof. Dr. Bischl


Thomas, Janek Prof. Dr. Bischl